Crowns & Bridges

Do you want an attractive, natural smile? At Tee Family Dental, we can fit you with crowns to match the shape and colour of your original tooth, so your smile will look as natural as possible. A crown is a ‘cap’ made of porcelain or gold that covers and protects the broken tooth. We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that the crown not only enhances your appearance, but will strengthen the tooth as much and as long as possible.

What is a dental crown or cap?

You can think of dental crown as a ‘cap’ which is placed on a damaged tooth. The crown allows the tooth to be restored to its natural shape and size. The crown will make the tooth stronger and improve the way it looks.

Do I need a need a crown?

There are several reasons why a crown may be necessary. If you have a cavity which is too large for a filling, if you’ve had a root canal treatment, or if you have a worn down, weakened tooth, then you are a candidate for a crown. Crowns are also an excellent option if you’re unhappy with the look of your teeth and want to improve the appearance of your smile.

Crowns are made of metal alloys, porcelain, ceramics, or a combination of these materials. The crown is colored to blend in with your natural teeth.

Can you fix my cracked crown?

Once a crown is damaged it usually needs to be fixed. A broken crown isn’t considered a dental emergency unless there is extreme discomfort, or sharp pieces which are cutting into your mouth. However, even without discomfort, you should see a dentist with a week to avoid complications.

We will examine the damage and can evaluate the situation to see if you have an underlying issue which can be treated to help prevent future crown failure. Grinding or clenching your teeth, or your bite, can often cause crowns to chip or break.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. It comprises of several units : an artificial porcelain tooth (or teeth) , which is connected to the adjacent natural teeth by crowns. Bridges are a more affordable option than dental implants for tooth replacement.

Dental Bridges are prepared, like crowns, to fit precisely to the shape of the teeth and gums. An accurate impression is taken to ensure that your crowns and bridges fit to the 10th of a millimiter!

Quality is important

Crowns should be made of strong, high-quality materials in order to withstand the normal wear and tear to which they are subjected. If not, anything from regular chewing or fluctuating temperatures can cause a crown to crack. We only use crowns that are made by skilled technicians, who use the strongest, long-standing materials on the market.

Tee Family Dental is the trusted provider for dental crowns and bridges

Dr. Tee has years of experience in providing dental crowns and bridges to patients in Perth. His personalized approach will put you at ease, as he explains every step of the process.

Call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tee to discuss your dental needs. He will answer all your questions and provide a customized treatment plan which will outline your care.