Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are an economical and effective way to repair dental cavities and to repair missing tooth structure. Cracked or broken teeth and teeth that have been worn down by either grinding or clenching can also be repaired with fillings.

Having a filling done can be quite easy and relaxing for you. Once the tooth is numbed with a gently performed anaesthetic, you can lie there quite comfortably watching TV while we do the dental filling procedure. Some people have said it’s as easy as getting your nails done!

What’s the difference between Composite and Amalgam Fillings?

There are two types of dental fillings that we use. Composite dental fillings are resin or “white” coloured fillings are composed of ceramic and plastic compounds. They have the advantage of being natural looking and bonding well with the tooth to ensure that the filling is well sealed. They are more conservative and aesthetic than amalgam fillings.

Amalgam or “silver”, fillings are an affordable, long-lasting option for cavities too large for composite. They can sometimes be used for a more cost-effective alternative to dental crowns because of their dental filling material. Dental amalgam is composed of mercury, silver, tin, and copper.

What’s involved in filling a tooth?

First, we use a topical anaesthetic gel to numb the gum. That way, the local anaesthetic used to numb the area around the tooth which is being filled will be almost completely painless!

A dental dam is then applied. There are multiple advantages to this well established, but rarely used (it takes extra effort!) practice. Once secured over your tooth, it catches all the water and chemicals that we use during the procedure, so you can lie there watching TV in comfort. No more choking and gasping for air – fillings are now a stress-free, relaxing experience!

Next, the decayed portion of the tooth is cleaned away with our state of the art dental handpieces. We use a special dye to make sure that none of the bugs is left behind.

Once all of the decay has been removed, the tooth is prepared for bonding a filling. We use a series of solutions included in our special adhesive protocol, and then place your white filling with care and meticulousness. A bright blue light is then used to harden the filling.

To finish it all off, we check with a blue carbon paper to see if the filling is interfering with your bite, and then we polish and buff it to a high shine

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