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Dr. Simon Tee

Hi! My name is Simon Tee. I'm quite happy to be the only dentist who works at Tee Family Dental. Here are some concepts that shape the way I treat patients.


When you come to me, I will be sure to take plenty of time to explain the nature of the problem, make sure you understand it, give you all the options (not just the most expensive), and disclose all prices before we commence treatment. As your dentist, I understand that you’re placing a huge amount of trust in me to do the right thing by you. Being taken for a ride is one of the worst things in life, and this is something that I have never, and will never do to any of my patients. I like to sleep at night!

Quality of Treatment

A filling can be completed in 5 minutes, or 45 minutes. The difference is in how much effort, technique, and love is applied. This in turn affects how long it will last. I take time and care with all procedures - whether it be a scale and clean, wisdom tooth extraction, or the fabrication of a denture – to make sure that things are done properly.

In addition to this, we only source the highest quality dental materials, and use local Australian laboratories to fabricate our crowns and dentures.


I can't afford to go to the dentist”. This is something I hear all the time.

Life can be expensive. After groceries, rent, bills, there’s not that much left. I get that.

Being a small, family run clinic without hundreds of staff to pay, we can afford to be flexible and reasonable with our pricing. As I said before, I like to sleep at night!


“Nice to meet you. I hate the dentist”

This is usually the first thing new patients say to me. I don’t take it personally – heck, even I avoid the dentist when I can!

“That wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be…”

This is usually the last things those same new patients say when they leave.

Many people have had horrible experiences as children, leading them to be scared of the dentist. We understand this, and work hard to make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible. This involves doing things slowly and gently, explaining everything along the way.

If you so desire, you can be asleep for the whole procedure – we have a friendly Dental Sedationist who visits!

As I mentioned at the beginning, I’m happy to be the only dentist in my practice. Why? Because I can ensure that everything is done the way I think it should be done, and there are no excuses because my name is on the building. As one of the patients here, I personally guarantee you’ll be treated like family – the way everyone should be treated.


6/2 Wade Court, Girrawheen 6064

Opening Hours

Mon - Tue, Thu - Sat: 9am - 5pm


9342 6622