When multiple teeth are missing, a denture is a cost effective option to restore aesthetics, form and function for your mouth. Although they take some getting used to, today’s technology has improved how they fit and feel. Nothing can replace having all natural teeth, but the body quickly adapts and is able to use them to chew, smile, and talk!

Tee Family Dental specializes in denture replacement, new fittings and selection of various denture types. We pride ourselves on providing dentures that look natural, fit well, and are comfortable to use.

Types of Dentures

Immediate vs Conventional

Sometimes, we have a situation where several teeth might need urgent removal. Immediate dentures are prepared and completed prior this procedure, so that as soon as the teeth have been removed, the denture can be inserted immediately afterward. However, as the gums will change shape for the next three months after tooth extraction, the denture will need modifications after this process is completed.

Conventional dentures are used when there is no urgency to replace the missing teeth. These are typically made three months after the teeth have been removed, giving the gums plenty of time to heal before the impressions are recorded.

Chromium Cobalt vs Acrylic

Where possible, chromium cobalt is preferred as a denture base because it’s thinner, stronger, and more hygienic.

Acrylic is a more cost effective option that we can use to replace your missing teeth.

Complete vs Partial

Complete dentures are used when all the teeth need to be replaced, and partial dentures are used when several still remain.

How Dentures Work

During your visit to Dr. Tee’s office, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns. After a thorough examination, we will come up with a plan that we’ll explain comprehensively before we commence treatment.

Depending on the type, dentures usually take several appointments to make. A typical appointment plan may consist of primary impressions, secondary impressions, a bite registration, a tooth try in appointment, and then finally the completed product. In between appointments, your dentures will be sent to our experienced laboratory team, who will work closely with Dr. Tee. They use only the best materials to ensure that your denture will last for as long as possible.

Emergency dentures can be made within the day!

Benefits of Dentures

Self-esteem is an important factor that affects everybody. The difference between having a gappy smile because of missing teeth, and a perfect, natural looking smile that can you achieve with dentures will astonish you. You will be able to approach life with so much more confidence, knowing that you look great!

Dentures also allow you to eat a lot easier – having a full set of teeth to chew will enable you to break down large chunks of food before swallowing them.

Dentures are also the most cost effective way to replace missing teeth.

Contact us today for a beautiful new set of Dentures!

So many people have put off dealing with  what they perceive to be an insurmountable problem – that of their missing teeth. Call us, and find out that replacing your teeth can be so much easier than you think! Dr Simon Tee is a Dentist in Perth that can help with your dentures and more.