Restore Your Stained Teeth

We all aspire to have bright white smiles similar to our favorite movie stars. Not only does a whiter smile build confidence and show off your healthy teeth, it’s an affordable way to keep your teeth stronger as you age.

Dr. Simon Tee and his staff have an incredible solution for those looking for teeth whitening in Perth. Both affordable and comprehensive, patients can expect to look and feel more glamorous after having their teeth bleached!

Get your teeth whiter!

Teeth whitening isn’t a new thing in Perth, but its effectiveness is gradually improving as new innovations are introduced to dentistry.

As we eat and drink, certain compounds found in what we consume can make our teeth look much dingier than they actually are. Despite our best efforts to brush them regularly, we find our tooth’s hard enamel slowly turning yellowish, perhaps in some cases brown.

Home whitening kits and self-applicable strips may seem plausible, but they’re really a slightly more concentrated version of store-bought whitening toothpaste. For a few more dollars, you can have the real deal – professionally fabricated customized whitening trays with commercial strength tooth bleach, which will guarantee the safest, most predictable results possible.

Dr. Tee and his staff will first examine the overall health of your teeth to make sure preexisting conditions won’t prohibit teeth whitening. This is especially important because we need to ensure your teeth are healthy before we commit to cosmetically enhancing them. As an example, you want to make sure the foundations of your house aren’t rotting before you add a second storey on top!

Once your oral health has been examined, we will commence the procedure. Accurate impressions are taken of your teeth. These are then sent to the dental laboratory, who will fabricate some perfectly fitting whitening trays, fitted for your teeth. We will then fit you with these, as well as give you all the instructions to get you on your way.

Preparing for Teeth Whitening

Patients don’t drop into their dentist’s office and begin whitening their teeth without several steps commencing prior to first treatment.

Before the whitening process, patients may need to have a scale and clean, which removes any calcified deposits which will impede the efficacy of the procedure. The clean will also help keep gums healthy, too, while also preparing the tooth surface to accept the bleaching agent. Any cavities which exist will need to be addressed too.

Once these procedures are complete, your teeth will be ready for the whitening procedure!

Dr. Tee Knows Teeth Whitening

There are many great options for teeth whitening in Perth. Dr. Tee is thankful for the patients that choose his office annually, and welcomes anyone desiring a whiter smile to call, email or visit his Perth office today.

You’re not alone in your quest for that million-dollar smile. Begin your quest by reaching out to Dr. Simon Tee today, and see what whitening solutions are best suited for you. We look forward to meeting you soon!