Wisdom Teeth

Having your wisdom teeth seems to be a rite of passage that most people go through in life. You’ve had it yourself, or you’ll remember when you saw your friends after the procedure – swollen up like a chipmunk for a week afterwards, not being able to eat or talk properly. There was a very expensive surgical procedure which involved going to the hospital, having an anaesthetist – but there’s an alternative! Come and have a chat to us at Tee Family Dental and discuss your options for wisdom teeth removal.

Why remove the wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last tooth in the dental arch. For most people, there isn’t enough space in the jawbone for them. This often causes them to grow in an awkward direction – facing forwards, backwards, sometimes even stopping halfway! Unfortunately, this creates a situation where sometimes the gums can get swollen because food gets trapped between the poorly positioned wisdom tooth and tooth in front. This causes bad breath, dental decay, and in the very worst cases a wisdom tooth infection that spreads through the jaw, making you very sick. If this happens, one of the worst situations that can occur is that the wisdom tooth AND the tooth in front needs to be removed as well!

To prevent this from ever happening in the first place, sometimes it’s a good decision to consider removing the wisdom teeth when you’re still fit and healthy. There are several reasons we remove them earlier rather than later. Firstly, the damage hasn’t occurred yet. Prevention is better than cure! Secondly, you’ll heal faster if you’re young. Thirdly, the tooth is a lot easier to remove than if we wait until you’re older.

Won’t it hurt?

You won’t feel any wisdom tooth pain at all! We will be sure to make sure to anaesthetise you thoroughly before starting the wisdom teeth surgery. Since everything will be numb, the only thing you’ll feel is a bit of pressure as the tooth comes out. If this sounds terrifying to you, there is an option of having our Dental Sedationist put you to sleep. When you wake up, it will all be done!

After the procedure, we will give you plenty of pain medication and instructions to minimize pain and swelling. As we make sure to perform the surgery very gently, our patients have always reported only slight swelling!

This sounds expensive!

Not necessarily! Patients have been amazed at how affordable this is, especially if you have private health insurance. Having the teeth out under Local Anaesthetic means that you’ll save money by not having to pay Anaesthetist and Hospital fees. This can save you thousands of dollars! Come in for a consultation, and we can provide you with an exact quote, as well as discuss the procedure in more detail with you.

Call us today

At Tee Family Dental, we pride ourselves on removing wisdom teeth safely and gently. If you’re having any problems with your wisdom teeth, or even if you’re just concerned about whether they need to be addressed, you can call us knowing that you will have some of the best care for wisdom teeth extraction in Perth. We also offer emergency dental care and root canal.