3 Reasons Why You Might Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

They say that wisdom comes with age. In most cases, however, what comes along with your late teen years are wisdom teeth. Whether it makes one wise or not is still unknown, but it definitely teaches you a thing or two about how to handle pain. Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that appear the last and if properly aligned, can help to chew. But in most cases, they are misaligned and cause discomfort.

They can even damage the nerves, the jawbone, and the adjacent teeth. If you are one of those unlucky chaps whose wisdom teeth were not very kind and your dentist has advised you to get your wisdom teeth removed, worry not because it is completely safe. In this article, we will be covering three reasons why wisdom teeth removal is prescribed by dentists and the benefits of doing so.


Your Wisdom Teeth Are Misaligned

In most cases, this is the primary reason for the extraction of wisdom teeth. Your third set of molars may be angled toward or away from the second molars, inward or outward towards your lip, or even positioned horizontally. In such cases, they pose a serious threat to your oral health. If they erupt horizontally, they can push against the closest molars, which can cause complications or disrupt the movement of the other teeth.

Another issue with misalignment is the problem in the cleaning of teeth. The awkward positioning makes the area hard to reach, making brushing and flossing unnecessarily difficult. This makes the area a haven for bacteria and infections, which can lead to tooth decay or toothache. Therefore, if you have misaligned wisdom teeth, it’s usually in your best interest to get them removed.


Trapped Wisdom Teeth

If you are one of those readers who has recently visited a dentist and have been recommended to remove the wisdom teeth because they “are impacted,” don’t get all distressed. Impacted wisdom teeth are actually relatively common.

When a dentist says that your wisdom teeth have been impacted, this means that your teeth are trapped under the gums or in the jaw. Often the wisdom teeth have difficulty in emerging due to the lack of space in the mouth and remain trapped. In some cases, they just erupt partially. This is not only painful but can also lead to serious infections because you cannot clean the area thoroughly. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, give yourself relief from the pain and swelling by getting them extracted once and for all. Visiting your dentist regularly is one way to make sure that your teeth are in good condition and prevent any accident-related dental emergency


No Room For Growth

In most cases, people do not have enough space in their mouth to make way for the third set of molars. If new teeth are added to an already full jawbone, the teeth usually shift to accommodate the new set of teeth. Even though this might not be painful or cause discomfort, it can lead to orthodontic problems in the future.

Wisdom teeth crowding also make your mouth look ugly and ruin a great smile! If you have a small mouth and have not removed your wisdom teeth yet, it may be time to take the plunge and get them removed immediately.

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