8 Habits That Can Stain Your Teeth

One of the most common dental procedures that patients undergo these days is teeth whitening. However, one primary issue that people fail to understand is the cause of stained teeth. Below is a list of the causes that, if addressed, will ensure a long lasting and brighter smile.


  1. Drinking coffee, red wine, and other teeth-staining beverages

Black coffee and black tea contain various chemicals that if not neutralised correctly, can lead to dark deposits on the enamel of the teeth. Red wine similarly leaves stains on teeth if consumed regularly without proper oral care. An excellent way to mitigate this is by adding milk to either your coffee or tea to reduce the darkening effects and by drinking water regularly while enjoying your glass of red wine.


  1. Eating staining foods

Foods rich in colour are usually the primary cause of stained teeth. Foods that are bright in colour or heavily pigmented tend to leave stains not only on teeth but also on other body parts such as the tongue and fingers. Reducing the amount of coloured food that you take in, whether naturally or through condiments, can go a long way toward ensuring that your teeth stay whiter for longer and can reduce the frequency of those teeth whitening appointments.


  1. Drinking acidic beverages

Soft drinks, energy drinks, and wines, among other beverages, can lead to stained teeth if they’re not consumed in moderation. They do this by corroding the enamel, thus weakening it and making it prone to stains.


  1. Holding food and drink in your mouth

The digestion process starts in the mouth where saliva acts on the foods that we consume. A by-product of this is that the food that is being digested starts releasing acidic substances that can be detrimental to the integrity of our teeth’s enamel.


  1. Not drinking enough water

Drinking water is crucial in that it helps with reducing the effects of foods and beverages that stain the teeth. The reason that this works is that the water that you drink during the day helps in rinsing the teeth of harmful acids brought about by the different types of foods that you eat.


  1. Smoking

Tar is one of the leading causes of stained teeth among tobacco users. Continuous use of tobacco can lead to tar deposits that lead to teeth discolouration.


  1. Not brushing and flossing your teeth

A good way of ensuring that your teeth remain white is by regular brushing and flossing after every meal. Dentists recommend using toothpaste and floss rich in fluoride for better results. Brushing and flossing regularly helps ensure that the enamel is clean and free of any deposits left by your food. After flossing and brushing your teeth, use mouthwash consistently which will offer protection to your mouth.


  1. Not visiting the dentist

A sure way of maintaining proper oral health is by visiting your dentist regularly. Not only will your dentist check the status of your teeth, but they can also offer recommendations on how to maintain proper care of your teeth in the future.

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