Dentures: What Options Do You Have

One of the most difficult things about aging is facing the reality that someday you may lose your teeth. Your pearly whites are one of the most noticeable things about your appearance. When you lose all or even some of them, it can feel like you’re losing a part of yourself. Aside from the cosmetic element, however, your teeth also serve a very functional purpose of chewing your food. Without them, you aren’t able to mechanically break down your food for your digestive system to process.

This means you may not be able to eat the things that you love. Fortunately, with the revolutionary advancements in dental technology, people needing dentures now have options that are more convenient and comfortable than ever before. You may not have to say goodbye to your favorite dish after all! Need a new pair of chompers? Whether you’ve lost a tooth or two or you’re saying goodbye to your entire set, here are some options that you may be considering as you shop:


1 – Immediate Dentures

One of the best things about immediate dentures is exactly what you’d think – it’s immediate. Patients don’t have to wait for days or weeks before they receive their dentures. In fact, they can receive their dentures on the very same day of their tooth or teeth removal! This means that there isn’t an awkward in-between period when you have to go without teeth. Immediate dentures are created in a way that they can be used even while the rest of your mouth is recovering from teeth removal.

2 – Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures are intended to replace both your upper set of teeth and your lower set of teeth. They usually require you to visit the dentist a couple of times as they are fitted and custom-made to look just like your actual teeth. Conventional dentures also require you to recover from teeth removal first, meaning you will have to go without teeth for some time.

3 – Overdentures

Overdentures will look like a replica of your natural teeth and will be implanted to fit over any remaining teeth. People who wear overdentures say that they’re considerably more comfortable and stable compared to immediate or conventional dentures. They also appear to be more natural because they are fused with your actual bone and gums.

4 – Partial Dentures

These types of dentures are the perfect choice for those who may have lost a tooth or two but still have some remaining. They are made using a metal frame with plastic “gums” to fill the gaps where there are no teeth. This makes it possible for you to chew comfortably. Partial dentures can look and feel natural while supporting your remaining teeth.


5 – Conventional Partial Dentures

Conventional partial dentures are a cross between conventional and partial dentures. Like partial dentures, they’re created using metal clasps and are fastened tightly to your remaining teeth. They may require a couple of weeks to be made, however, so you’ll have to make do with your remaining teeth for a while.


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