What to Know About Root Canal Surgery

Your dental health is important, as a dental issue can disrupt your day-to-day life quite easily. It’s important to keep your teeth healthy, you can do this by having a regular habit for dental hygiene care, including regular visits to your local dentist. For some people, they might need to get a root canal treatment, there’s a lot to know about it to ensure that you get the best results from the operation. If you are looking for a guide on root canal treatment, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 5 things to know & why you should use Tee Family Dental for your Root Canal Treatment in Perth.


1) Discomfort when eating hot or cold foods, sharp pain when clenching the jaw, swollen gum tissue, or acute tooth pain.

These are all the symptoms of a disease in the pulp tissue, which is located in the roots of the teeth. There’s a canal that connects one root of the tooth to the other, and it’s lined with these pulp tissues. They can become infected or inflamed, which can lead to a whole slew of other problems such as tooth pain and decay. These issues get progressively more difficult to treat as the conditions become more severe, so it’s a good idea to get checked early.


2) Diseased pulp tissue in the root canal must be removed to prevent more problems.

The pain in the tooth can come and go, but if left untreated, the risk of inflammation and decay rises by the day. The infection can travel from the pulp tissue all the way down to the very tip of the tooth’s roots and spread to the gum. It can cause dental abscesses, which is when the gum surrounding the tooth’s root swells up with puss. If remain untreated, the gum can become infected, which presents many other dangerous health issues, especially if the infection gets into the bloodstream.


3) Root canal treatment is effective.

By removing the diseased pulp tissue, the infection within the tissue will be removed along with it. Pulp tissue is not an essential part of the teeth, which means that you don’t need it to have healthy teeth. Once the pulp is removed, the tooth canal will be filled with a biocompatible material to ensure that the structure of the tooth remains as strong as before. A crown will then be fitted on top of the tooth when the root canal treatment has set correctly. It gets rid of the previous condition while preventing further complications from occurring, making it an effective treatment for infected pulp tissue.


4) Root canal treatment is generally pain-free.

Just like regular teeth fillings, root canal treatment is painless. The patient will receive a numbing agent before the treatment takes place. The treatment is small, as a small hole will be drilled on the biting surface of the afflicted tooth, which is where the infected pulp will be removed from. If you are aggravated after the treatment, you can use over the counter pills to reduce the pain. You might feel a slight sensitivity after the treatment, but this will go away within 2 or 3 days. If the pain persists, you are advised to contact your dentist.


5) A properly done root canal preserves your natural teeth.

Instead of having to get a tooth replacement, you will get to keep your teeth. Tooth removal can lead to a number of other dental issues, and a tooth replacement must be set in place to prevent the collapse of other teeth. It typically takes much longer for the patient to adjust to the tooth replacement, which is why most dentists will make tooth removal the last resort.


6) Look for a high-quality solution

It’s important that your dentist has experience & expertise in root canal treatment, you should check reviews online for a provider that’s trustworthy & is able to provide excellent aftercare.


Tee Family Dental offers root canal treatment in Perth, so get in touch today to see how we can help. We also offer wisdom teeth removal.

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